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Thursday, 23 October 2014
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July 2006
July Edition
* Pride: The Final Answer
Blogging Badminton Trials
* Add Your Voice
*FEI States Rollkur Is Good
Those Crazy Frenchmen
Badminton Pictogram
Do You Believe In Miracles?
Better Bending
Feldenkrais Better Bending
Way of the Horse
Creating Truth
*Rollkur: Staying Passive
Nuno Inspiration
¶Heather Moffett: Ahlerich vs Rollkur
Little Yellow Horse
Spanish or Extended Trot?
*Someone is Going to Get Hurt
Parallel Extended Trots
*Angel Part of Your Soul
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Horses For LIFE Online Magazine July 2006 Edition 11

Cover Photo and Design by Equestrian Images

Sense Method: Better Bending

Sense MethodSometimes the horse has problems bending, sometimes the rider. Sometimes one sets the other off and a vicious cycle begins. This month, through the SENSE method, Mary helps us with both the rider and the horse, showing how we can help each find release on the ground, before we mount.

Feldenkrais: Improve Your Side Bending

Feldenkrais Better BendingMost of us have a tendency to bend easier to one side, which leads to an unbalanced seat.  That translates, of course, into problems for our horses and ourselves!  This movement lesson helps riders correct the common fault of a "collapsed hip" and sit in a more balanced way.  As a result, it often improves the mobility of the spine. Tension and back aches often disappear. 

Way of the Horse

The horse is a group animal and he needs to find the place where he fits into the hierarchy of the herd structure. We therefore need to establish herd dominance not by bullying or demonstrating abusive behaviour but through confident and repetitive reinforcement. We will become more confident in our communications as we gain more knowledge of the horse and his nature.

Creating Beauty and Truth

Each time we are with our horses they have a lesson to teach us. If we are just available to hear it. Lessons from the horse are not just for the rider, but often for the instructor as well. Here is a true story of one lesson taught to one instructor by one very special horse.

Rollkur: Staying Passive

We are surrounded by wrongness and try to live happily in the midst of it. We have become "selfish" and "blind". We accept what is wrong because it is "easier" and one has not truly experienced the other system, the Classical system in place, which require patience, Love and dedication to the horse.

Nuno Inspiration

A translation from German to English of Nuno's words. Words to live by, words that when they sink into our soul, can make a very real difference with our riding, as one rider discovered for herself.

Editorial: The Angel Part of our Souls

Horses can often not comprehend the blackness or the despair that we can feel. They can bring us great joy and often great healing. Let us take joy in their presence in this issue, remembering to love and to laugh. But lets not turn our heads away either.

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