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Friday, 28 November 2014

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Who is Alexander Nevzorov?

Who is this man who is so quick to dismiss the work of so many that most equestrians admire? From Parelli work to the work of Nuno Oliveira, Alexander Nevzorov is quick to loudly state his disapproving opinion.

Who is he?

He is a definitely a passionate man. A man that comes across as someone who has no room for those that don’t follow his way. He himself says he is not willing to work with those who do not follow his way 100%! His school has some very firm and fast rules in regards with the correct way to train a horse. Is this arrogance? Or is it that he cares so much and believes so much in what he teaches that he cannot bear to see what the horse’s are going through each and every day, all around him?

He is a man who is quick to speak of the evil that he sees all around him. Quick to point out in no uncertain terms what he thinks of many of the riders out there. Not shy to compare some of the practices that he sees around him as comparable to the sexual practice of Sadism and Masochism. Many are more than likely offended by his words. Horrified to be compared to a slobbering, dirty, stupid, eating raw meat yahoo as depicted in one of his productions.

One might wonder if he really needs to be so demeaning to riders out there. So harsh in his judgement.

He himself admits he is Russian to the core and one might wonder how much of the way that he comes across is as much a cultural background as anything else.

We do know that Alexander Nevzorov was born in 1958, in Leningrad. He has been involved in Russian politics as an Independent Deputy of all the four convocations of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, had been an editor-in-chief on Leningrad (and later Saint-Petersburg) television for 10 years. He is the member of the International Slavonic Academy of Science, an advisor to the Governor of Saint Petersburg.

He also used to be a novice in a monastery, a bass chorister, a keeper of a museum, a loader, a stunt man, a mercenary at several wars, a literary secretary, a reporter, a script writer, a consultant-analyst to the Government of the Russian Federation.

He participated in wars in Yugoslavia, Transdniestria, Iraq and Chechnya. He was a member of the National State of Emergency Committee in 1991, defended the White House in 1993, and was put under arrest after an exchange of fire on approach to Moscow when he led what remained of Riga’s OMON as reinforcement to the besieged. He took part in Vetsmilgravis’ events. He harbored some fugitive OMON soldiers from Riga and Vilnius on Russian territory.

He participated in the assault of Ostankino and in the first assault of Grozhy, entering it one of the first together with General Rokhlin.

During 1994-1998 he was a consultant-analyst to Berezovsky.

He was wounded twice and contused once.

Three times he became a volunteer hostage of terrorists in exchange for release of other people.

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