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Friday, 28 November 2014
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July 2006
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JULY 2006 • VOLUME 11 • ©HORSES For LIFE™ Magazine

“When I went out to do the feed last night. It was late and dark out. The stars where twinkling in the blackness and the northern lights where doing a bright and flashing display. It helped protect me from the dark feelings we can get when it is dark at night and you are all alone. But I did not feel the connection I usually feel with the horses while I was feeding them. And I know they probably felt it too. They just have no ability to connect to the feeling of depression, horror and blackness that we can feel. They have no ability to comprehend what we as humans can do to one another or the world around us.

I guess the point I am trying to make, is that I understand. How can we work with our horses when we have no connection because that connection can only be found when we find within ourselves what I refer to as the angel part of our souls."

The Angel Side of Our Soul

The quote above is something that I sent to a friend after the horror of September 11th. Somehow working on the rollkur issue also reminded me one more time, of a darkness that I found difficult to throw off. Difficult to interact with my horses when I feel like that, actually closer to impossible, I swear they just don't know how to react, when I feel like that. Makes me wonder how anyone can ride like that and have any connection to the horses that they are with, or for the horses to have a connection with them.

While it would be so much nicer to completely move on from this subject, and just find joy in the beauty of the spirit of the horses which we hope we have brought to you in part this issue, we are committed to keep the spotlight on this bleak and unappetizing subject, because not to do so, would be failing the horses. We intend to keep the spotlight on, and we know that with your help, we will see the beginnings of change.

How wonderful though to enjoy the beauty of our horses this month.  It is no wonder that we relegate horses to the magical world of myth and mystery. They are wondrous creatures of healing both spiritually and physically.

“Working with horses is a healing experience. A healing experience of our spirits, our emotions and our souls. You learn to open up, to be aware, the value of kindness and the value of love.”

I hope that all of you are finding healing working with your horses.

Warm Regards, 
Nadja King
Horses For LIFE Magazine