Monday, 24 November 2014
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Baucher and His School By GENERAL Albert-Eugène Edouard DECARPENTRY

For the First Time in English!

Baucher and His School
By GENERAL Albert-Eugène Edouard DECARPENTRY
With Appendix I: Recollections
From Louis Rul and Eugène Caron
With Appendix II: Commentary by Louis Seeger
From his pamphlet:
Mr. Baucher and His Art: A Serious Word
With the Riders of Germany
Translation by Michael L. M. Fletcher

One cannot be a detractor of Baucher nor a follower of Baucher without deep study and attention to this text. Decarpentry is perhaps unique in how he presents facts often not discussed with an openness that allow the sincere equestrian to appreciate the complicated equestrian history that surrounds the teachings of Baucher.

Discover what was different in France and in Germany average rider and hence critiques of Baucher’s work? Discover why did the audience in France see one thing and the audience in Germany see something quite different.

Thank you to Xenephon Press for the following excerpts from Baucher and His School By General Decarpentry.

Then Baucher initiates the study of “rassembler,” for him intended to increase the mobility of the horse in all directions by the reduction of his base of support.

Submissive down to his skeleton to the demands of the aids, the horse, prepared by the flexions, confirmed in his lightness in place and in movement, pushed forward by the legs and held by the hand, brings his hind legs up closer to his forelegs, which is for the author of the method, the essential of the rassembler (13e Édition, p. 160).26

It remains for the rider to animate his horse in this position in order to make use of the position, and this is another stumbling block on which the students of the Master came to hurt themselves.

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